2020 Edinburgh Fringe Announcement

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Today, Edinburgh Festival Fringe has announced the withdrawal of its services for this year’s festival. Certainly words we never thought would be necessary to contemplate, let alone commit to an announcement. Whilst it is an unsurprising and completely appropriate decision, it is, of course, heartbreaking for all who work tirelessly across our sector to bring work to Edinburgh for August. You can find their full statement here:


In the social media fluster that comes from this, take a moment to be kind to the thousands of people for who months of work, planning, and livelihood has all had to be put on hold as we join together to ensure we come through this crisis in exactly that hope - together.

We here at Sweet Venues will be working with our artists and team to ensure this difficult time is made as stress-free as possible, and to make sure we’re there to support those creatives in bringing back work and opportunities across new and familiar platforms as we move forwards beyond this tough period.

There are good times ahead. Opportunities to laugh, cry, and often look a little confused at each other over what we’ve just shared. The days we spend now reaching out to one another will be reflected in those brighter days to come.

Thank you to everyone for your support and love over the years, and we cannot wait to see you all again soon.

Stay safe, be kind, love well.

JD, Annie, & the Sweet Venues family.


2020 Brighton Fringe Announcement

Wednesday 18 March 2020

We are all aware of the exceptional circumstances that live performances, events and festivals are facing in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here at Sweet Venues, we've been monitoring the situation, and have been working closely with our colleagues at Brighton Fringe, with other venue operators and our venue partners at The Duke of Wellington and Werks Central to make the best possible decision regarding our programming based on the most current information we have available to us.

This morning, 18 March 2020, Brighton Fringe has announced that the festival will be postponed until September / October 2020.

We are devastated by the announcement, and while we agree that we must act to protect the vulnerable and take our social responsibilities seriously it is our priority to find a way to support our sector, our performers and our venues.

Therefore our commitment is that we will work with you, our performers, to find the solution that best suits you, your company and your show. It is our intention to deliver a full festival programme as part of the Brighton Fringe to be staged in September / October 2020.

We know you'll have questions, so we'll be in touch with Brighton Fringe performers over the coming days to discuss specifics but we will be re-programming based on the following:

  • Sweet Venues will reschedule your show, like for like, as part of Brighton Fringe in October 2020 or offer an alternative programming slot in our annual programme.
  • If, once we have explored those options with you, neither are a viable option for you, then we will refund 100% of your Venue Rental Fee canceling your contract with us with no penalties.
  • Tickets bought direct with Sweet Venues will be eligible for a refund, or can be used against the reschedule show. Audiences will also have to option to decline the refund and donate their purchased ticket to the performer. We will be in touch with all ticket buyers direct.

We believe that in times like these, the arts are more important than ever. How we respond to this crisis defines us as a company, shapes our values and builds the foundation of our future - whatever that might be. We are not a large company with significant savings, or with a financial buffer to protect us from this crisis but we will do everything in our power to work together to protect our performers from the financial impact of this and to get shows up and running to be presented as there were intended to be.

We would ask one thing of you, care for each other. Stay safe, but if you can, please help those who need it most, treat others the way you would wish to be treated and live by values that will make us stronger when we come out the other side.

The Sweet Venues Team

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