Sweet Grassmarket 1

This venue is formed within a conference room at Apex Grassmarket Hotel. 

The room is approximately hexagonal with one entrance for audience and loading in. There is an additional fire door to the rear left of the room which can be accessed by performers.

There are full dressing room and storage facilities adjacent to the performance space. This venue has full disabled access for audience and performers. 

Audience seating is formed on three levels. The stage is equipped with black tabs to side and rear, with wings on the left and right, as well as crossover between wings. The room is equipped with our standard adaptable sound and lighting systems. 

Other sound, lighting and audio visual equipment can be obtained for you - please contact the production team in advance.  

  • Room Depth: 10.5m from rear of the stage

  • Room Width: 15.5m / 11.5m at widest point / at narrowest point

  • Room Height: 3m there is a partially raised ceiling in excess of 3m

  • Stage Depth: 3.5m

  • Stage Width: 7.5m

  • Stage Height: 0.15m

  • Seating Capacity: 115

Sound Equipment:

Full range speakers on either side of the stage. Standard input options include two microphones and digital player inputs.


Per is a 3 Phase 32amp supply, with 18 channels of dimming (max 1kw per channel). Desk is programmable (please ask ahead) and can be used as a A/B faded manual desk.

A typical lighting setup would include: 4 x 50watt Par16 birdies for footlights, 6 x 1000watt profiles, 2 x fresnels, and 2 x Par64 parcans.

Apply Now

We welcome applications from all genres, and are particularly interested in work that falls into theatre – be that physical theatre & dance, children’s theatre, spoken word, musicals, new-writing or community work.